Rapid Development

December 7, 2010 in Export to China

When chatting to British friends, or meeting new people at networking events, it often becomes apparent that some people have no idea of what China is like. Is it a third world country? What is a developing nation? Do you have TV’s and mobile phones, running water?

Well, yes. We do. Also China is investing and developing state of the art technology. I was just reading an article about a new high speed train that is due for completion in 2012. It will link Beijing (that’s the capital for those who flunked geography) with Shanghai (that’s a huge city and centre of China’s financial industry). It will halve the train journey between the two, and will run trains traveling at over 500kph (312mph). That is fast! There have been faster trains – the French managed 357.2 mph in 2007,  and the Japanese, a flying 361 mph back in 2003 – but those speeds were on test runs. A recent Chinese trial came in at a cool 302 mph but this should be improved upon by the 2012  deadline.

Not bad eh!?